Enjoy Guangdong

Guangdong is a province on the southern coast of China. Guangdong´s capital is Guangzhou, (known also as Canton) with nearly 10 millions of inhabitants: The province itself is now the most populous province in China, with 79 million permanent residents and approx. 30 million migrants. Guangdong is the country's richest province.

Guangdong lied on the outskirts of the ancient Chinese civilization that flourished in the north China plain and was in the beginning populated by people called collectively for Hundred Yue. In 16th century, Guangdong developed extensive trade links with the rest of the world, especially with Portuguese and British; soon the first settlement of Europeans was established in Macao. The province had benefited also from its proximity to Hong Kong.

Currency: Chinese renminbi, also known as Yuan (CNY).
Time zone: UTC (GMT)+8.
Driving: on the right side of the road. 
Electricity: 220-240V/50Hz.
Climate: The province enjoys sub-tropical and tropical climate. Winters are mild to warm, with the average temperature 13° - 16° C / 55° - 61° F, and summers are hot (28°- 30°C / 82°- 86° F). Most rain falls during summer months, but the rainy season last from mid-April to mid-October.


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